_____________              _____________              _____________
|             |            |             |            |             |
|     576     |    <---    |     808     |    <---    |     357     |
|_____________|            |_____________|            |_____________|

[to (nn)y(nn)d my as stiff shot h(nn)r Th(nn) c
ock stood and blood my immobil(nn) trous(nn)rs 
tr(nn)mbling, h(nn)ad, b(nn)for(nn) bulging in 
awhil(nn), sh(nn) I my and]
[blood to cock and stiff immobil(pp) my my sh(p
p) tr(pp)mbling, b(pp)for(pp) awhil(pp), bulgin
g stood Th(pp) my trous(pp)rs shot h(pp)r I h(p
p)ad, in (pp)y(pp)d and as]
[to h(qq)ad, I my h(qq)r tr(qq)mbling, (qq)y(qq
)d cock in stood my and my trous(qq)rs b(qq)for
(qq) bulging stiff sh(qq) as shot and Th(qq) bl
ood awhil(qq), immobil(qq)]

[stiff my cock awhil(rr), (rr)y(rr)d sh(rr) h(r
r)ad, and h(rr)r shot immobil(rr) I tr(rr)mblin
g, in bulging my stood trous(rr)rs to and as bl
ood Th(rr) my b(rr)for(rr)]
[pussy, is "Milk for isn't it]
[trous(tt)rs I and cock in awhil(tt), sh(tt) h(
tt)ad, my h(tt)r my and Th(tt) blood b(tt)for(t
t) to as stood immobil(tt) tr(tt)mbling, (tt)y(
tt)d shot stiff my bulging]

[my in stood h(vv)r (vv)y(vv)d shot my awhil(vv
), my sh(vv) and immobil(vv) b(vv)for(vv) I Th(
vv) blood tr(vv)mbling, to and stiff bulging tr
ous(vv)rs as cock h(vv)ad,]
[(ww)y(ww)d as b(ww)for(ww) to in immobil(ww) m
y h(ww)ad, shot my trous(ww)rs stood stiff bloo
d sh(ww) I Th(ww) and cock tr(ww)mbling, h(ww)r
 my awhil(ww), and bulging]